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team starkid songs  twisted part two

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chordover: We could be #Heroes, just for one day.

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Baked goods at the Depressed Cake Shop are always gray or black to represent the feelings associated with depression and mental illness. But, inside many of these treats are brightly colored goodies like rainbow cake or candies to symbolize hope.

“Cake is a great way to get people discussing traditionally tough conversational topics,” founder Emma Cakehead said. “It’s about challenging stigmas and labels. When someone says ‘cupcake’ you think pink icing and sprinkles. When someone says ‘mental-health issues’ an equally unimaginative stereotype will pop in most minds. By having grey cakes we’re challenging the expected, and getting people to challenge the labels they put on those who suffer with a mental illness.”

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A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen.

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clearly i should seriously go into rapping… 


The Love of my life has just dropped a new Rap Song